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Why your business needs
an Yandex Direct agency in Cyprus

Attract New Customers
Yandex is one of the most popular search engines in Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. However, people who visit Cyrus or living on the island continue using Yandex in Cyprus too. If you need to attract Russian-speaking customers it would be the best decision to use Yandex Direct in Cyprus.
Point The New
Our Yandex Direct agency can help your business find your customers. Yandex Direct allows adjusting your advertising using a wide range of settings. Gender, age, hobbies, interests e.t.c. Your ads will notice your customers.
Increase your Visibility
You can use the next campaign to attract customers: text & image ads, display campaign, mobile apps banner, smart banner, search banners and dynamic ads. It allows your company to become more visible for Russian customers.
Find Your Customers in Cyprus
Russian-speaking people who visit Cyprus or living here, usually visit Russian language websites, if you need to reach them, your company should use Yandex Direct in Cyprus and choose "Display campaign" – this action will allow your company to reach a lot of impressions on various websites.
A bit more about Yandex
Yandex is the largest technology company In Russia. This company has different products from Yandex.Taxi to Yandex.Money. First of all, Yandex is a search engine and one of the most popular in the world, by 2013 Yandex was 4 in the world by the number of queries.

Yandex Office in Moscow, Russia. Ph. Andrey Kolesnikov

Yandex Office in Moscow, Russia.
Yandex Direct Cyprus is an opportunity to be recognised. Your business concerns Russia or Russian-speaking – we will help you find customers. Russia, Cyprus, or any other countries. Geotargeting will help you set up an ad campaign for your goals
Yandex statistics
280 mln
Daily number of requests on Yandex Search (2016)
95 mln
Audience on Yandex Search and Yandex Advertising Network sites
56 mln
People in Russia using an Yandex in May 2018
Place among search engines in the world
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