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If you have never encountered the term SEO-optimization, or are not sure that you understand correctly how everything is arranged in the complex world of search engines, we advise you to devote exactly
2 minutes of your time and read the text below
Why you need SEO-optimization:
the whole point of the SEO-service is its plain language
SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) - literally this term means search engine marketing. Remember what you see when you search through Google or Yandex any service you are interested in. Immediately after the search engine receives your text request, a lot of suggestions on the chosen topic appear in search results. Sites are constantly competing with each other, but only some of them are on the first page or at least in the TOP-10. Why is this happening?

The goal of any search engine is to provide the user with the most accurate results, which will match with what the user wanted to find. To do this, search engines have special robots that move across all sites that exist on the internet, and analyze huge amounts of data. Not all sites meet the requirements, so they remain on the "backyard" of the search results.

Important: even if you have a very attractive website, with modern design and quality content, this does not guarantee that the search robot will find it useful. If you do not see your site in TOP on inquiries related to the subject of your business, then this is a direct indication that it's time to resort to help of SEO agency.

Search engines (Google, Yandex, Yahoo and others) have a large number of site requirements. The set of rules includes both the technical requirements for the sites (for example, the correctness of the code) and the security requirements (for example, secure payments through the card), and behavioral factors (as the visitor interacts with the site, how much time on it he spends, what actions does).

The fulfillment of these requirements is the painstaking work of a SEO-specialist, which, as a rule, takes about 2-3 months. But it brings tangible results: the site rises in search results, it occupies a prominent place in the TOP-10, the number of visitors on the site is steadily growing, and, accordingly, you get more customers. Usually the first results of work on SEO become visible in two weeks.

How we work

We suggest starting our acquaintance
with a pleasant bonus - we will conduct
a free audit of your website
We make a free
website audit
We will do an express audit within one working day and send you a report with the errors found and our professional recommendations.

OK! What do I get at this stage?

You get a free report on the status of your website and further recommendations
for the work, SEO-strategy from us.

We compose the
semantic core
Once the budget is agreed, we begin the work. First we will collect all necessary, important and relevant keywords
for your site.

OK! What do I get at this stage?
The search engine will increase the number of pages that lead to your site, respectively, it will be visited by more users.
We optimize your site
and correct errors
We correctly prescribe meta tags, descriptions, H1 headers, title tags
and others, set up internal page linking
for successful digital marketing.

OK! What do I get at this stage?
Your site will be progressively promoted to the top of search results. After all, we know exactly what needs to be done for this.

We write attractive
We make a task for our copywriter using already collected keywords. This stage can not be missed. It is very important that the texts are really useful and interesting
for the user

OK! What do I get at this stage?

People like well-written texts, respectively, they spend more time on the site, interacting with content. The search engines notice that the users' time spent on the site is growing, and they raise you in search results –
these are SEO keywords.

We promote your site
using links
We place links to your site on other verified sites, blogs, forums. It is important to put the site in the correct text environment so people can easily find information and go to the resource of your company.

OK! What do I get at this stage?
Now your site is much easier to find, so visitors traffic will grow. The statistics of the site will show that it is really so. The number of customers is growing, competitors are kicking themselves! :)
We support the
achieved success
After the work done, it is necessary to maintain the result. For this we periodically perform SEO-check, write new texts, update the reference array, create new pages and enter new key requests.

OK! What do I get at this stage?
Your site occupies one of the best positions. Now it is difficult to displace it from the SEO-ranking TOP-positions of search results. Our further support will become your SEO consultant and help you to be in the top ten without big efforts and huge budgets.

Cost of SEO in Cyprus
SEO - optimization in Cyprus: from €900/per month of work.
The final price will depend on the complexity of the project, the number of competitors in search results for your requests, the desired time frame, and, of course, your budget.
Examples of works and a full list of services will be provided at your first request.

Here are some examples of our work

Just click and download our works
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Free audit of your website
Send us a link to your site.
We will make an analysis of its main indicators
and calculate the cost of web SEO
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