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Why your business
Needs a Google advertising in Cyprus

Attract New Customers
This service shows your ads on top search pages. Today people are searching for any information on Google for over 3.5 billion searches per day. And If people search for your services or products it will be easier to find your company. If you need to be more visible, to people you definitely need this service.
Target Your Ads
An advertising campaign on Google Ads can help your business reach customers in one city or district or only for people who interested in sports or who will search for information at night. These and other parameters give you company great opportunity find exact people
Pay For Real Results
You are paying for real people who were attracted to your ads and click on your link. Every interaction with your links allow to follow your new customers and remind them about your services or products
Find Your Customers in Cyprus
Cyprus is very popular tourist destination (total number of tourists in Cyprus in 2017 was 3.652.073 according to Wikipedia) and lots of them will try to find apartments, interesting places, restaurants, shops, and tours on Google. An easy way to reach them is using Google Ads In Cyprus and get a new customers and increase sales
If it's so easy why I should work with you?
Here are five tips why you should trust us
It Is Boring But We Love A Boring Thing
If you have a real business with the number of products or services you have to create, set, and adjust over 100 new ads. Besides, if you need advertising on Google Display you should design a picture for every single ad. We can make it for you
If you just opened your company and need new customers
Pay-per-click service allows being on top of search ranking without a huge budget. You can focus on your new customers, we are at the same time concentrate on creating and improving your Advertising Campaign
You need to spend a lot of time to deal with Google Ads
Every program or apps need time to get used to interface features. Google Ads has a vast of different measures and sets. We have already spent our time to adapt to the program and ready to share our achievements with you.
Google Ads enables your company to advertise on different sites
For better results of the campaign, you can advertise on YouTube and other websites using Google Display Network. To set up ads. correctly your company can be reached on different websites by your customers, then we can analyze the results of these campaigns and choose better solutions for you
We are taking all responsibility for results
If you decide to set up an advertising campaign on Google. You can spend a lot of time, energy, and money, but will not get the expected result. We will take responsibility and keep track of all the ads. What does our Google Ads Agency: exclude negative words, update bids, and track campaign success. Our specialists have a Google Ads certification
Why is Google Ads so important?
Using GA allows your business to be visible to customers
consumers use the Internet to find a local business
(WebVisible survey)
consumers prefer to find information on local merchants
via search
(WebVisible survey)

of consumers search for local businesses at least every week
(BrightLocal survey)
Here is the result of an Advertising Campaign with clicks, impressions and CTR by every age. These figures allow adjusting campaign for better visibility
Here is an interface of Display network, YouTube and Gmail Ads. campaign. Every ad. can be adapted for any purpose and dimensions.
Here are examples of keywords, competition and bids. Using keywords planner, you can calculate your future campaign.
Here are locations which can be set up and adjust for your company. Also, you can exclude some regions, city or country for a better impression.
Top 4 Setting Parameters
for your Google Ads campaign

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