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Why your business needs
a Facebook Advertising in Cyprus

Attract New Customers
Facebook one is the most popular social media in the world. Every day people chat, search information, read reviews, express themselves on their pages and, of course, see ads. Your business can be reached them by Facebook Ads.
Target Your Ads
You can target your campaign to specific users and increase interactions with your ads. Facebook allows adjusting any campaign for people who more match your business sphere. For example, if you advertise earphones you have more chance to attract people who interested in music.
Pay For Real Results
You can become great at selling products because you pay only for real interactions with your page: likes, comments, shares, link clicks. And your business has already increased organic views and become more popular, thus every person who saw your ad. or have some interactions with your brand can be your customer.
Find Your Customers in Cyprus
Quality Facebook Advertising in Cyprus is still a major challenge for companies, but using Facebook Ads. with our help allow getting customers who live here or visit the island during a vacation or business trip. Your potential customers everyday look some information and you should be there and attract them.
If it's so easy why I should work with you?
Here are five tips why you should trust us
We love advertising
We really fan of advertising and follow the all trends in Digital Marketing.
To create better ads we must be on top cutting-edge technology.
We take all responsibility for results
Our digital agency takes care of your Facebook advertising campaign. Our work is keeping track of all ads we have created, adjust campaign for new targets or new customers and be responsible for every cent we spent.
We optimize your campaign
We organize, plan and optimize ad. performance. Instead, make a post without strategy, we make a content calendar and effective plan.
We analyze your campaign
Facebook provides us with all necessary metrics, so we can measure your commercial page and adapt it for best performance. If some metrics have a better CTR we will check other ads. and adjust or correct it.
We make an attractive and effective advertisement
Today, consume of information is increasing, and people already have an "information blindness" what mean is people faced with too much information, and cannot pay attention to every ad. or posts. But we know how making an attractive advertisment for your customers and we will happy to share with you our achievements.

Why is Facebook so important?
2.20 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q1 2018.
Mobile friendly
1.15 billion mobile daily active users.
76% of Facebook users visit the platform each day.
Near 364 millions monthly active users in Europe, 793 m. in Asia-Pacific, and 675 m. in the rest of the world.
Facebook's artificial intelligence translates 4.5 billion posts and comments every day.
Integral part 95,8% of social media marketers say Facebook delivers the best ROI among the social networks.
Here is number of placements which you can choose and advertise your company in the exact place you need (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Audience Network)
Different type of advertising campaigns. Every marketing objective, allows for your company to find the best solution: increase traffic, leads, messages, engagement or store visits.
Adjust your campaign for exact audience. Here are some settings: locations (city, country, include, exclude), age, gender, languages.
Facebook gives you an opportunity to find an audience with an exact interest or behavior
Top 4 Setting Parameters
Facebook Advertising campaign

Please, write to us your questions and
we`ll help you achieve your goals!

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Limassol, Cyprus.

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